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Remote control via the server


An important feature of this software suite is the support for radios located anywhere you have an internet connection.

When you install the kit a server is also installed. The server runs as a Windows service which is not created when the kit in installed; you do this with the server manager. To display the server manager select Server from the (V2) folder in the Windows Start menu.

Note - you must have Administrator rights to make changes to the service.

The V2 server is not compatible with previous 1.x versions.


The first step is to install and start the service by pressing Install. You should never need to change the default settings.


Now select the Accounts tab and create an account. When you press Add the User Account window is displayed. Of special note are the optional data file storage folders, these are where data recordings are stored. 


 You must add definitions for the radio(s) the user can start. Select a radio Manufacturer (Ettus, RFspace, ...) from the dropdown and press search. After a brief pause you will be prompted to add the definitions to the list of Radios, at least one entry must be enabled.

Network Configuration

Two panes are dedicated to the network configuration, Network and Bandwidth.


The current bandwidth is shown in the status bar of the console, adjust the options in this window with care. A larger FFT size results in better resolution but this also consumes more network bandwidth. If in doubt use the defaults.


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